Meet Dr. Pawsitive


“Dog training is not having the dog trained. Dog training is having the human educated and trained to think, act and see the world the way the dog sees it.”

Aerospace engineer and local acclaimed dog trainer, Anthony C. Bruins, aka Dr. Pawsitive, of Houston, releases his debut book, THE 5-MINUTE DOG TRAINER.

A how-to guide for correcting and rewarding dog behavior. A reference for quick and  permanent methods for how to communicate with your dog and how to control your dog.

UNDERSTAND why dogs behave the way they do.

LEARN what to do in a dog attack as well as what to look for when selecting a pet.

TRAIN your dog how to: come, sit, stay, down and heel in 5 minutes – without a leash.

Bruins, 53, a federal systems engineer, has been training humans (and dogs) for the past 20 years. His unique approach to solving and preventing dog behavior problems comes from applying his systems engineering expertise to dog training.